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February 10, 2011

US-South Africa Women’s Business Forum


ANC Centennial in the Midwest 2012 Program

September 4th-7th, 2009 

   The AFA (African Festival of the Arts) is held over four days during Labor Day weekend and has become for many, the traditional way to end the summer. The festival features live performances by local and inter-national artists, fine art, handmade jewelry, sculpture and clothing by artisans from around the world and much, much more.
    An amalgamation of global music traditions from jazz to blues; Latin rhythms to gospel; African and World Music will be featured on three stages!
    In 1989, Patrick Woodtor, president, Africa International House, along with his late wife author and historian, Dee Parmer Woodtor, produced the African Festival of the Arts for the first time as a seasonal community event to honor African culture and tradition. Since its inception, the African Festival of the Arts has showcased legendary talent, including James Brown, Chaka Khan, Erykah Badu, Isaac Hayes, Roberta Flack, Hugh Masekela, Sierra Leone’s Refugee All-Stars, Stylistics, Bobby Blue Bland, George Duke, The Dells, Kindred the Family Soul, Sir Nose, Goapele, Dwele, EPMD, Naughty by Nature, MC Lyte, Yo Yo, Slick Rick, and Rakim among esteemed others.
     The Dee Palmer Woodtor (Main) Stagehas featured national and international super stars including the godfather of funk George Clinton with the Funkadelics; the SOS Band; the Dizzy Gillespie Legacy Band; Tito Puente Jr. Orchestra; The Original Jazz Fusion; and more.
     Afro-fusion to hip-hop and Neo-Soul capture the pulse of youth on the Hip Hop Stage and regional performing artist fill the family stage with entertainment for all ages.
     We would be remiss if we did not mention the festival's diverse culinary offerings. Let your taste buds dance in delight from the abundance of global African cuisine in the food court. Taste the many Cajun and Soul foods from the different corners of the U.S., Egusi from Nigeria, Wolof rice from Senegal, Jerk chicken, goat meat and fish from the Caribbean, and many hotter, spicy, delicious cultural cuisines of the African Diaspora.
Please find out more by visiting:
African Festival of the Arts
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