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February 10, 2011

US-South Africa Women’s Business Forum


ANC Centennial in the Midwest 2012 Program

ASD Las Vegas

25-28 March 2012

Las Vegas Convention Center

This year the ASD Show in Las Vegas (March 25-28, 2012) will feature South African exhibitors with exciting offerings and show only specials.   

Be sure to visit the following booths:

SL 4821 - Chimpel trader

SL 4822 - Buffalow Arts and Crafts

SL 4823 - Earthbutter Studio

SL 4824 - Pfadzani Exodus Wear

SL 4825 - Kwa Nombika Arts & Craft

SL 4826 - Kiddies Over the Moon

SL 4827 - Nomble Loads of Style

SL 4921- Mpho Shoe & Leather Clinic

SL 4922 - Raemat Kreaxions

SL 4923 - Kgolorologistics Supplies

SL 4924 - Art by Mimi

SL 4925 - Masiqhame Trading

SL 4926 - Kalugongolo Trading

SL 4927 - Claase Leibenodighede

SL 5021 - Ksaselihle Glass Making

SL 5022 - Robert & Son Art Gallery


To Read More about the Exhibitors click here and here.

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