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February 10, 2011

US-South Africa Women’s Business Forum


ANC Centennial in the Midwest 2012 Program

Leap Awareness Event

12 April 2012

Consul General Amb. Nomvume P. Magaqa’s Speech

Leap is a leading learning organization which aims to give young South Africans the academic and life skills they need to become future leaders.The LEAP Science and Maths School continues to work hard to develop an innovative intervention educational model that recognises the reality of embedded educational deficits and social circumstances of young people and works actively to enable young people and their teachers to own these realities and to discover their own real capacity to transform these realities. The model also works to develop pedagogic approaches with the following key attributes: innovative behavior modification strategies; high academic and disciplinary expectations grounded within invitational whole-school discourse and specifically focused classroom practices.

The South African Consulate hosted guests and supporters of LEAP in an event to highlight the qualitative work and efforts that Leap conducts. Mr. Anthony Galloway, one of the founders of Leap, gave a brief overview to the progress that Leap has made since conception.

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