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February 10, 2011

US-South Africa Women’s Business Forum


ANC Centennial in the Midwest 2012 Program

2010 AAPEX National Pavilion
Las Vegas
Blessed with abundant resources and world-class engineers, South Africa is an advanced industrial economy and the automotive industry is the heartbeat of its manufacturing sector. BMW builds its 3-series and Mercedes its C-Series in South Africa for the US and other global markets. The car makers are supported by more than 200 dedicated component manufacturers and another 150 firms that supply the industry on a nonexclusive basis. As the world's leading source of platinum group metals, South Africa is a leading global supplier of catalytic converters. Other key exports include engines, mufflers, radiators, wheels and tires, stitched leather car seat covers, radio and sound systems and axles, especially for heavy trucks.. South Africa is a springboard into Africa's fast-growing markets.

At the AAPEX show in Las Vegas, Nevada in November 2010., the South African pavilion housed eight South African exporters that manufactured a variety of aftermarket parts such as lubricants, clamps, generators, lights, windshield and high performance software. The show offered the South African companies an entry strategy to the US market.

To Read More About the South African Companies at AAPEX....
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