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February 10, 2011

US-South Africa Women’s Business Forum


ANC Centennial in the Midwest 2012 Program

South African Heritage Day
 Cultural Evening and Wine Tasting 

24 September  2011

On 22 September 2011, the South African Consulate General in Chicago celebrated South Africa’s Heritage Day with a Cultural Evening and Wine Tasting Event. Heritage Day falls within the annual Heritage month of September which recognises the different aspects of South African culture such as music and performances, art, our historical inheritance, languages, the foods we eat and popular memories. For this year in Chicago, the Consulate brought together the aspects of wine and art which both have a rich history in South Africa and are part of South Africa’s proud heritage.

The Consul General, Ambassador Magaqa, welcomed approximately 100 guests during her opening remarks. Guests represented a wide range of the Consulate’s friends and contacts, including the City of Chicago, the academic community, the business community, artists and art lovers as well as South Africans. Many South Africans attending were wearing traditional dress which added to the vibrant atmosphere.  

The wine tasting was hosted by African Route Imports Wine with red and white wines from South Africa and ceramic sculptures by South African artist Lubabalo Valisa were on display.  Mr Judd Holzman, Executive Director of Link Community Development, talked briefly about a project that the Consulate initiated after the FIFA World Cup in 2010 and through which the Chicago community is supporting schools in Limpopo in South Africa.

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